Investment Strategies


Our unique approach to risk management offsets market instability for long-term growth.


Sourced directly from borrowers, our credit portfolio is managed by top-tier staff.


By merging equity with real asset investment strategies, we offer a higher grade of security.


Potluck Capital is a progressive asset management specialist for seasoned finance professionals and investing partners. Our interests cover a broad range of industries, sectors and approaches, emphasising traditional strategies that promote long-term growth with a minimum of risk.

We blend straightforward equity investing with asset procurement in stable sectors for a diversified growth portfolio. Combined with a rigorous equity vetting process and a superior mentorship system, we’re able to minimize risk in volatile market conditions.

Building Strength Through Structure

Top-tier equity firms offer far more than just capital. At Potluck Capital, we work alongside organizations to help them realize long-term growth potential for the benefit of both investors and partners.

Our business networks span multiple industries to aid rapid scaling no matter the sector. Diversity helps us to build not only stability but also synergetic business interests, allowing for a deeper level of leverage than specialized equity firms. Our long-term partnership mentality also positions us as better equipped to deal with the volatility of secondary markets.

Diverse Interests
Secure Growth

We invest in some of the world’s most stable equity climates. However, our diverse professionals are also practiced in identifying growth opportunities in real assets, illiquid instruments, securities and financing facilities. No matter the interest, all procurements are grounded in a philosophy of stable, long-term growth and consistent yields.

Our principled investment strategies position us to be the partner of choice for both institutional investors and growth enterprises. Learn more about our dedicated real asset and credit platforms and how they provide structured growth.

The partner of choice for growth enterprises.

Do you have a viable business model ready for investment?
At Potluck Capital, our diverse range of partners provides new businesses with the network they need to scale rapidly no matter the sector.

We manage long-term, sustainable business models with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

We’re in it for the long-haul; supporting growth with expertise and investment for decades to come.



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Million in Revenue

2018 Revenue generated from Potluck Capital portfolio companies.


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