Partners in business, partners in growth

Learn how our global business acumen give partners the advantage

Real funding

Our extensive investment network means we have the capital to help partners scale quickly.

Operational insight

Years of experience in our diverse business interests means more expertise on the board.

Global opportunities

International business connections make it that diversify into new markets and products.

Mentorship, partnership

"Before investing in any business, we launch an extensive research campaign on the market, audience and product. The massive strategic insight we gain from that process becomes partner knowledge the second they sign with us. We provide the inside information, macro-economic advice, financial coaching and first-hand success models our parnters need to position themselves for growth. At Potluck Capital, we pride ourselves on working closely with with partners over the long-term, meeting business challenges together. Meanwhile, funding sources will be hedged using a diverse portfolio of assets. No matter the industry, we've got the tenacity and the funding to grow our partners to market dominance."

Market leaders in growth

"Potluck Capital is a top-tier equity partner with decades of experience in the sector. Our businesses rely on us for the kinds of capital structure optimization that venture partners simply aren't able to provide. Take advantage of our years of experience in financial engineering, helping companies optimize cashflow, build operational efficiency, make prudent acquisitions and even bring new products to market. We've worked in a surprising range of sectors, from advanced electronics to packaging solutions and digital platforms. Learn more about the kind of companies we've helped to grow by speaking with us."

Sustainable financing, sustainable business

"Diversity is as essential to our partners' growth as it is to our portfolio. Contrasting points of view and new ways of thinking ensure the longevity of a business business, providing a platform for innovation that helps them survive through changing market conditions. That's why we consider diversity and sustainability - both financial and environmental - to be key ingredients to a healthy investment. We're always working towards a heterogeneous, long-lasting financial future."