Growing with some of the world’s safest companies

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“Financial sustainability is at the core of our investment strategy here at Potluck Capital. Our rigorous vetting process ensures that capital funding only goes towards stable growth opportunities. No magic – just wise investments that bring significant returns year-on-year, decade after decade.

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Macro-economic focus

There’s a reason we invest with North American interests – they operate in one of the most consistent growth economies in the world. We leverage our international network to help us monitor macro-economic trends, ensuring they’re always moving towards growth. It’s the foundation of a stable investment base.

Growth market selection

Here at Potluck Capital, we maintain a broad base of industry expertise to ensure a comprehensive understanding of contemporary market trends. We only select businesses in markets with proven long-term viability, so investments are secure for decades.

Backing thought leaders

Innovation is an essential component of organizational longevity. That’s why we focus on backing market-leading companies that are pushing the limits of what’s possible in their industry. We ensure their products are diversified for optimal stability.

Expert guidance

Diversified private equity investors are in the priveleged position of influencing consumer markets in their favour. That’s why we work so closely with our businesses to ensure optimal leverage of market opportunities. We have the insight, the network and the capital to take advantage of every opportunity that comes our way, from new products to inside information.

Rapid liquidity

Our business interests are diverse enough to allow strong liquidity in a traditionally illiquid investment environment. When our partners are ready to diversify, we’re here to help them move capital to the next best investment. We make rapid liquidity a top priority.