Investments carved in stone

Learn about our real asset interests

The backstop of our portfolio, we’ve allocated significant resources to finding the optimal foundation for real asset investment. A diverse portfolio in housing and commercial property, as well as liquid tangibles and intangibles, bring substance to potentially correlated private equity interests. For these reasons, the real asset market is expanding, with long-term asset growth inspiring international investors.

First-class capital preservation

Real assets are amongst the world's safest places to secure capital. Stubborn markets such as housing are excellent places to hedge against inflation and disconnect your investments from capital market cycles. Being predominantly illiquid, they're also a perfect complement to private equity investing.

Deep asset knowledge

Just like our credit strategy, we've allocated specialists in real assets to exercise their expertise for long-term, sustainable growth. Deep knowledge of individual interests, paired with diversification across asset classes, ensures a dependable return base for external speculation.

Premium investments only

Financial sustainability is at the core of our global investing strategy. We only select from the top end of the real asset market to maximize resale value and strengthen our rent roll and collateral positions. When it comes to real estate investing, our preference is for long-term growth assets.

Hedging compliance

The complex world of real asset purchasing, sales and management is the biggest risk factor for potential investors. That's why our real asset team place such a high value on attention to detail. We learn the sector inside and out before we make an investment, leveraging our global network to find the right expertise.

Long-term, low risk, predictable

Quantitative easing has made a significant impact on the financial climate in recent years. To counter the underlying inflation, investors are turning to long-term, low-risk assets with predictable outcomes for a more secure portfolio. In turbulent times, real assets are amongst the safest assets you can own.